I must confess, I may have one of the best gigs in the world.

I guide and witness extraordinary people of all ages, from all facets of life, transform their lives into one of purpose, wholeness and True love.

When we align our most authentic inner self with our soul’s calling in the world, there is no limit to what is possible. It is my gift and mission to help you awaken to all the possibilities that lie before you, while healing or shifting what is keeping you separate from the love you are meant to experience, and the life you desire to live.

Because I have been a successful professional songwriter for over 20 years, I also offer a rare perspective and specialize in working with Artists in every realm of the Entertainment Industry as well as other healers, pro athletes, industry executives and creative, purpose driven visionaries.



You will greatly benefit from this life altering healing work if you desire change or more wisdom in the areas of: 

• Self esteem, self love, confidence and coping skills.

• Relationship, intimacy and co-dependency

• Couples coaching, creating more conscious, loving partnerships.

• Effective communication skills

• Emotional healing, depression, dissociation, and trauma

• Financial esteem and self worth

• Connecting with your true purpose vs. identity

• Addictions and Disorders

• PTSD, Chronic pain or illness that can’t be diagnosed

• Decision making and actualizing your potential

• Understanding and managing your empathic and healing abilities.  

• Spiritual confusion, disconnect or energetic crisis

• Navigating the Artist’s inner and outer life journey. 


I split my time between Los Angeles and Nashville, but I coach people from all over the world, in person, Skype, or over the phone. I also travel to many of my clients if needed, and can work around demanding schedules.

The best place for us to begin is with a FREE phone consultation where we can get to know each better and share more details. 

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