You're Not Falling Behind

I know you’re probably feeling impatient and it’s completely understandable.

The last few months have been intense in having to face the real facts, wake up to what’s not working and let that shit go. (yes, i sometimes use appropriate cuss words for appropriate times) If you’ve been paying attention, you may have realized areas of your life where you’ve been making choices based on other people’s expectations or needs, rather than your own. And why wouldn’t you? That’s been the safest path to feeling accepted and admired, or at the very least, good “enough”. But now you’re realizing, it’s not enough for YOU.

If you’ve trusted yourself to live a little more intuitively, you’re now longing for something new. You may have even caught glimpses of your future self last month, like little psychic love bombs from your angels, inspiring you with what is possible. The only thing is, one minute you can see it so clearly, and the next minute, the screen in your mind goes all fuzzy. Or if your divine timing is urgent, your best plans may have been abruptly disrupted by a sudden life change, like the loss of a job or relationship, a surprising diagnosis, or a tempting new idea that would change your course of action.

The good news is in the month of October, you are being supported to receive your healing alchemy to complete the transformation that’s been slowly altering you for most of 2019. For some, it will feel like a quick painless shot in the arm. That is, if you don’t over dramatize it and make it more painful than it is. For others, something more like a psychic surgery is in store, where your heart will be forced open, so the infected, addictive, toxic beliefs, patterns and people that won’t let you fully live can be cut out of your life. This could happen in your dream state, your awakened state, or through a significant healer that falls into your path at this time. It will only be as hard in proportion to how much you resist it.

The reason why this passage is so essential is because the “NEW” you’re longing for, isn’t going to be manifested outside of you first. You’re now longing to know the Divine Self. The real YOU, if you had no fear, judgement, or shame at all. The YOU without ambition to get what you want, but with the passion to give what the world needs from you. The only thing is, you have to trust yourself. You must trust that you lack nothing to begin pouring yourself into the people, the problems, and the solutions you have been groomed to care the most about.

I know it’s so tempting to go backwards and do what you’ve always done, compromise your vision for the money, go against your gut just in case or give him/her just one more chance. Or worse, you could tell yourself you’re still confused, and continue doing nothing at all. But spirit doesn’t speak to us through confusion, so you may want to explore where you’re not ready to accept the whole Truth yet.

As you ask, receive and begin to connect more with your authentic, Divine Self, you’ll begin to feel like you want more. And I beg you to stop feeling selfish for wanting more, and for God’s sake, some of you need to give up feeling entitled to it. You want more, because you NEED more for the purpose you’ve been called too, not because you earned it or deserve it.

And with one word - “NEED” - you may find yourself stuck in that moment where everything goes fuzzy again. Maybe you’re not used to getting your needs met, especially emotionally, without some major trade off or at all. I bet you’ve been so attuned to everyone’s else’s needs, you may not even know what desires or needs you have anymore. This, my friend, has to change, and now is the time.

Now is your time, to truly manifest beyond your biggest dreams and your deepest longings. Just don’t be fooled, your ego wants survival, escape/safety and illusive power it can control, and it can only be accomplished with your own willpower and exhaustive efforts. But if you can create more stillness and prayerful solitude in your life through this transformative time, you will be filled with an intuitive intelligence and unexplainable energetic, synchronistic force that is not yours alone. For this IS your Divine Self…designed, guided and provided for by God, with only one single responsibility to freely choose, believe and receive it for yourself.

When you connect to this ultimate power within, you can truly manifest what you can believe, but it will arrive with great Joy and Peace, instead of the empty, lonely chase of happiness you’ve been accustomed to in the past.