“Trina, here is a perfect example, of why there is no one else who does, or can do what you do. When I met you, you were my example of possibility in my SONGWRITING career.... I had no idea I needed or wanted anything else. HA. I laugh now.

If I could just get a little time with a songwriter who had ‘been there, done that,’ who could guide me in the right direction, I’d be great! Then, I had my first opportunity to pick your brain, and for some reason I was the one who kept talking! You knew things about me that you had no way of knowing, and before I could stop myself I said, “this is going to sound strange, I know, especially since we just met, but I feel very healed by you.” You laughed and said, “It’s not strange at all, it’s what I DO!”

After that, I still wasn’t about to pour all my deepest struggles out on the ears of the woman who wrote all my favorite songs, on all the records I grew up on. It wasn’t until I saw you speak months later, that I KNEW I couldn’t avoid it anymore. You spoke straight to my soul, my heart, my mind.... I needed more. I quickly booked a session and watched everything I thought I knew morph and change into the world I really wanted. Which for the first time in my life, was completely possible.

In our first three sessions, I let go of belief systems that had been so deeply ingrained into my mind, my body had to let them go. All the sudden I felt attached to my world again, I was inspired again...

Before I worked with you, I couldn’t even stay awake! I thought I needed medical attention, doctors... ANYTHING, I couldn’t understand what was wrong with my body. Turns out, it was fine.... I just needed to bring my soul back into it.

Within those first three sessions, I eliminated all of the things in my life that were preventing me from moving forward. Money was all the sudden available, I walked out of situations that were no longer serving me, I took RISKS, and -they – looked – EASY. This is just the beginning... I can’t hardly wait to see what happens next. Its really nice, to be a part of my own life again.

Best thing I have done for myself....
I wish this for everybody....
I can’t believe it took me so long to find you.....”