“I’ve spent many years and thousands of dollars going to many different people for help with several different areas of my life. But, I left my first session with Trina feeling like I just had therapy, a deep energy healing, an intuitive reading, career development, and a true spiritual awakening all in one. (AND my chronic bronchitis completely went away!) Now, I just consider Trina ‘my team!’

Because she is so intuitive and an extraordinary channeler, the insight and answers I receive make me feel better instantly, and I trust what comes through her because it’s as though I’m hearing what is True for me from God directly. My husband is in the film industry, and once he saw the changes in me, he started working with Trina as well. Because she’s also a very successful Artist, he’s experiencing a whole other level than I am. I’ve never seen my husband so inspired, and ‘in the zone‘ of creativity and opportunities. He’s been in a slump/depression for quite a long time, and it lifted immediately after his first session. We began seeing her for couples sessions too, which have been AMAZING!

Even though we would like to keep her just for ourselves, we have a feeling the rest of the world is about to be introduced to this rare diamond of a healer and genuine friend to all, and when that happens, the world will definitely be better for it. Thank you Trina for all you are to us and everyone who knows you.”