"When I found my way to Trina I was deeply confused about how my life had gotten so off track. Nothing I did seemed to be working in the way I thought it would. I was feeling seriously disconnected from myself and knew something needed to change. I needed help, and I was finally seeking it out. 

I'd gone to therapists and counsellors before and felt like I needed something more this time. Something deeper. Something that connected me back to who I was in the most fundamental way and reignited my sense of purpose, inspiration, and possibility in my life. 

I've worked with Trina for a year now, and I can say without a doubt that I have her guidance, wisdom, and insight to thank for all of the transformation that has occurred in my life during that time -- overcoming chronic pain, ending a long-term relationship, moving cities, changing careers... the list goes on. 

She is the best teacher. She is patient where you need patience, she pushes you where you need to be pushed, and she shares her perspective freely and with great care. Whatever challenge you may be facing in your life, Trina will give you the depth of understanding, healing emotional space, and the tools to remedy it, even if that miracle is one you never thought possible." 

Adam Maynard - CT Relationship Coach