“I have known Trina for well over ten years now. Not only has she been my dear friend, an amazing songwriter to create with but also my saving grace life coach. We are all on a path of ultimate purpose and Trina helps me re-align with that path and makes me want to be better in every way, she helps me to separate the lies from the truth. She helps me not only as an artist creatively, but she helps me get my thoughts and priorities in order. Trina deeply understands me and all my flaws on a creative, spiritual and professional level.

Over the years Trina has been there for me time and time again. She is selfless, always making herself available whether it is in the middle of the night, early in the morning or right before I’m going on stage. She’s an angel.

Trina makes me want to be better in every way, she helps me to be my higher self and brings me light whenever I am going through darkness, strength whenever I am weak and faith whenever I fear. I love her and words cannot describe how much she has changed my life, soul and spirit. I’m proud and so grateful to call her my sister in Christ, life coach and my true friend.”