"Finding the right words that describe Trina is almost as difficult as finding the words that describe what she does. Trina is guide, teacher, energy healer, seer, intuitive, angel and spirit communicator, transformational coach, metaphysical artist, author, inspirational poet. In our work together, Trina brings all this and more: a genuine preoccupation with my spiritual growth, emotional healing and transformation. Aided by her powerful guidance, I have seen my life become the manifestation of my deepest desires, and the fulfillment of my purpose.

Trina’s experience in the music business as a song writer at the highest levels infuse her guidance, as someone who has lived it, who has experienced the highs and the lows, and can speak as someone who has gone into the fire and has come out the other side.

If you are feeling stuck, unclear to what the uneasiness in your soul means. If you are looking to figure out what your spirit is trying to tell you, what your intuition is saying. If your mind is getting in your way, and especially if you are an artist, working with Trina is an experience that will change you, change your life, now, and for good.”