”Four years ago, I found myself recording country songs in a renowned Nashville studio with some of Nashville’s top studio musicians and a hit-producer who really believed in me. To some it might have sounded like a dream come true, which only made me feel more guilty about the fact that I was miserable to the point of choking down tears during our sessions. Other than the blatant problem that I didn’t have a passion for country music, was that somewhere along the line, I had let the opinions of others convince me that any chance at a record deal was worth taking, even if it meant making music that I didn’t enjoy. I began to buy into the lie that the music industry was neither generous nor kind, and that “paying my dues” was part of the game. Thankfully, the sensitive artist within me broke down under the weighty facade of being something I clearly was not and I decided to face the fear of being honest with my producer about my feelings. To my great surprise, he did not unleash on me, but wished me well and gave me the name and number of a woman whom he thought could help me get back on an authentic path.

Enter Trina Harmon.

My first session with Trina was such an intense breakthrough; so much that I didn’t hesitate to schedule 4 more sessions on the spot. Trina aided me in recognizing limiting beliefs that I had fabricated about my own life. I’ve since learned how to lovingly embody the quirky pop artist that I am and to see all the possibilities that the music industry holds for me. During the six years that I’ve worked with Trina, all of the things that I have wished for in my career including my dream producer, ideal record, financing, income, TV/Film licensing, touring opportunities, international distribution and most importantly, a loving relationship with my husband and children, have all rendered themselves a reality in my life.

Although Trina does have an apparent gift for healing, she isn’t the kind to wave a magic crystal over your head and pronounce everything better in an instant. I’ve learned that I am responsible for digging in and doing the work it takes to live my life on a higher level and I am ever grateful to Trina for being my guide to each new horizon.”