"Finding the right words that describe Trina is almost as difficult as finding the words that describe what she does. Trina is guide, teacher, energy healer, seer, intuitive, angel and spirit communicator, transformational coach, metaphysical artist, author, inspirational poet. In our work together, Trina brings all this and more: a genuine preoccupation with my spiritual growth, emotional healing and transformation. Aided by her powerful guidance, I have seen my life become the manifestation of my deepest desires, and the fulfillment of my purpose. 

Trina’s experience in the music business as a song writer at the highest levels infuse her guidance, as someone who has lived it, who has experienced the highs and the lows, and can speak as someone who has gone into the fire and has come out the other side. 

If you are feeling stuck, unclear to what the uneasiness in your soul means. If you are looking to figure out what your spirit is trying to tell you, what your intuition is saying. If your mind is getting in your way, and especially if you are an artist, working with Trina is an experience that will change you, change your life, now, and for good.” 



”Four years ago, I found myself recording country songs in a renowned Nashville studio with some of Nashville’s top studio musicians and a hit-producer who really believed in me. To some it might have sounded like a dream come true, which only made me feel more guilty about the fact that I was miserable to the point of choking down tears during our sessions. Other than the blatant problem that I didn’t have a passion for country music, was that somewhere along the line, I had let the opinions of others convince me that any chance at a record deal was worth taking, even if it meant making music that I didn’t enjoy. I began to buy into the lie that the music industry was neither generous nor kind, and that “paying my dues” was part of the game. Thankfully, the sensitive artist within me broke down under the weighty facade of being something I clearly was not and I decided to face the fear of being honest with my producer about my feelings. To my great surprise, he did not unleash on me, but wished me well and gave me the name and number of a woman whom he thought could help me get back on an authentic path. 

Enter Trina Harmon. 

My first session with Trina was such an intense breakthrough; so much that I didn’t hesitate to schedule 4 more sessions on the spot. Trina aided me in recognizing limiting beliefs that I had fabricated about my own life. I’ve since learned how to lovingly embody the quirky pop artist that I am and to see all the possibilities that the music industry holds for me. During the six years that I’ve worked with Trina, all of the things that I have wished for in my career including my dream producer, ideal record, financing, income, TV/Film licensing, touring opportunities, international distribution and most importantly, a loving relationship with my husband and children, have all rendered themselves a reality in my life. 

Although Trina does have an apparent gift for healing, she isn’t the kind to wave a magic crystal over your head and pronounce everything better in an instant. I’ve learned that I am responsible for digging in and doing the work it takes to live my life on a higher level and I am ever grateful to Trina for being my guide to each new horizon.”



“I have known Trina for well over ten years now. Not only has she been my dear friend, an amazing songwriter to create with but also my saving grace life coach. We are all on a path of ultimate purpose and Trina helps me re-align with that path and makes me want to be better in every way, she helps me to separate the lies from the truth. She helps me not only as an artist creatively, but she helps me get my thoughts and priorities in order. Trina deeply understands me and all my flaws on a creative, spiritual and professional level. 

Over the years Trina has been there for me time and time again. She is selfless, always making herself available whether it is in the middle of the night, early in the morning or right before I’m going on stage. She’s an angel. 

Trina makes me want to be better in every way, she helps me to be my higher self and brings me light whenever I am going through darkness, strength whenever I am weak and faith whenever I fear. I love her and words cannot describe how much she has changed my life, soul and spirit. I’m proud and so grateful to call her my sister in Christ, life coach and my true friend.”



"When I found my way to Trina I was deeply confused about how my life had gotten so off track. Nothing I did seemed to be working in the way I thought it would. I was feeling seriously disconnected from myself and knew something needed to change. I needed help, and I was finally seeking it out. 

I'd gone to therapists and counsellors before and felt like I needed something more this time. Something deeper. Something that connected me back to who I was in the most fundamental way and reignited my sense of purpose, inspiration, and possibility in my life. 

I've worked with Trina for a year now, and I can say without a doubt that I have her guidance, wisdom, and insight to thank for all of the transformation that has occurred in my life during that time -- overcoming chronic pain, ending a long-term relationship, moving cities, changing careers... the list goes on. 

She is the best teacher. She is patient where you need patience, she pushes you where you need to be pushed, and she shares her perspective freely and with great care. Whatever challenge you may be facing in your life, Trina will give you the depth of understanding, healing emotional space, and the tools to remedy it, even if that miracle is one you never thought possible." 



“A solid 97 percent of the credit for this transformation goes to Trina.” 

Last week a friend said to me, “What exudes from you – more than anything – is love. Not generic love. Not superficial love. Transcendent love. It’s clear that you ache to love, and to give of yourself in a meaningful way.”
People haven’t always said things like this to me. In the past, people were far more likely to say, “Why do you look like you’re about to burst into tears?” or “Why did you just hurl your phone across the room?” 

A solid 97 percent of the credit for this transformation goes to Trina. (The other three percent goes to me for calling Trina.) She helped me identify my gifts and taught me how to live in the world as a highly sensitive person. She gave me the tools to function as an artist – and not just function, but thrive. I would recommend her for anyone who wants to transform, open up, solve problems that have eluded doctors and therapists, and truly become the artist and person you came here to be."



“I sought Trina’s help to be my life coach. I expressed that I knew I had limitless potential, but I wasn’t realizing it. I was opposed to the idea of a relationship, and was struggling with the realities of starting my own business. 

Trina helped me to find the soul of my own personal and professional story, which allowed me to express that to others. She helped me to let go of a lot of baggage I had been carrying around all on my own. I learned to acknowledge that everything I truly needed (knowledge, experience, contacts, connections and so on) would be provided to me. I learned to view marketing endeavors and business transactions as utilities that allowed me to make my gifts and abilities available to the world. 

Today I live giving and receiving infinitely more love. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of how grateful I am for Trina’s help to see my own life the way I do today!”



“Working with Trina has made a profound difference for me, both professionally and personally. Our sessions have accelerated my life in directions I couldn’t have imagined possible. I quite literately blossomed into a more authentic Me, and from that place Began and will continue to become. 

Trina has a beautiful and refreshing approach that is spiritual and soulful. I am left feeling understood, empowered, and CLEAR. Oh how wonderful it is to live/ create my life and business from that space! “ 



"If there were words to find that could possibly explain just how amazing I feel about my experience working with Trina then I would find them. When I die, looking back - choosing to work with Trina will always be one of the best decisions of my entire life. Period. Suffice to say that working with Trina has changed my life in ways more spectacular than I could ever have imagined. This woman has a profound gift, the biggest heart of anyone I’ve probably ever met and is just one absolute rockstar of a

human being. I love her to bits, and if you have the opportunity to work with her - then you need to do whatever you can to make it a reality. I wish you the same beautiful freedom that I now experience every single day in my life because of Trina’s incredible work. My friendships, my health, my career, my love life, my family life, my spiritual life - EVERYTHING completely transformed through working with Trina. No exaggeration. I’ll be forever grateful.”