10 Reasons to Love Surrendering.


When you surrender, all your life’s dreams and desires do not go away or end.  It’s when the life you’re destined for can finally begin.


When you surrender, it’s not a sign of weakness. It’s replenishing your strength that comes from knowing, just because you can survive life on your own, doesn’t mean you have too.  


When you surrender, all is not lost.  Only those things you will never miss, for they were never yours.  


When you surrender, you don’t move backwards.  You immediately leap forward without all the stuff that’s been holding you back.  


When you surrender, you give up the fight, but you ultimately win the battle. You no longer have to depend on your ability alone, when God has your back.  


When you surrender, everything around you may stay the same.  But your perspective will be changed so drastically, you will never see it the same way again.   


When you surrender, your potential doesn’t diminish. It rises you beyond your own thinking of what you even thought you were capable of.  


When you surrender, you may fear being alone.  But if you hand over your future to God who can guide you through Love, you will never feel alone again.  


When you surrender, you finally realize that the One who created you is able to handle everything just fine without you controlling or taking care of it yourself. 


When you surrender, you may feel ashamed.  But you will soon realize, you were never inadequate.  There’s just not much joy or purpose in succeeding in life, alone.