21 Lies You May be Telling Everyday


There are people who lie to cover up the truth, and then there are those who lie, because they aren’t fully aware of their Truth. Even those of us with the very best intentions can easily fall into the second category.  Here are some ways you may be lying to yourself every day.  

1)  We say we’re fine, when underneath it all, we’re scared as hell.

2) We say we’re in love, when we actually feel more alone than ever.

3) We blame someone for betraying us, when we didn’t have the courage to be truthful with ourselves.

4) We say we’re ready for a relationship, but we’re afraid of intimacy.  

5) We say ‘I’m not judging them’, when we still need to feel inferior or superior to others around us.

6) We say we’ve forgiven, yet we can still feel the sting of pain when we think about the past.

7) We make jokes when we want to hide our true feelings.

8) We say yes when we want to say no, and no when we wish we could say yes.  

9) We say we’re willing for change, but we want to control the details of the outcome. 

10) We say we’re grateful when we’ve achieved something great, while feeling like a complete fraud.

11) We say we love ourselves, but can’t fully accept a compliment or help from someone else.

12) We say we’re ready, when we’re actually just impatient.

13) We say we know, when we really don’t.

14) We say we don’t know when we really do.

15) We believe making others happy guarantees us love and acceptance, when it never has.

16) We say we’re done, when we’re still craving and manipulating one more time.

17) We say we don’t care what other people think, but long for others acceptance and approval.

18) We say we believe in prayer, yet we still worry all the time.

19) We believe in God, but don’t really trust or go to God in the toughest times.

20) We feel ashamed for being ourselves.

21) We ask questions we already know the answer too.

There is an amazing gift that comes from knowing and speaking your Truth. Everyone can feel the peace it creates, and others will probably even thank you for the permission to be their most authentic self with you.

It’s what I think we all desire more than anything…to just be ourselves, and to be given the option to change and grow whenever necessary.