All The Ways A Father Loves His Daughter


Some fathers tuck their daughters in at the end of the day with the knowing that she’s loved. And others never enter her room, giving her the gift to eventually wake up loving herself.


Some fathers take their family to church on Sundays, and sit in a pew together. Other fathers take their family to the lake, and and leave them to connect to something bigger outside of a building.


Some fathers give their daughters sage advice about life as they grow up, and others instill wisdom by not saying anything and letting them blindly learn for themselves.


Some fathers support their daughter’s talents, and attend every concert and every event she’s involved in. Some fathers never go, but will wake her up in the middle of the night to put on a concert for his buddies.


Some fathers do research, make calls and formulate a plan to help their daughters achieve their dreams. Some fathers don’t try to understand any of it, but will hitch a trailer to the back of his truck, and drive her wherever she needs to go.


Some fathers meet their daughters first boyfriends to make sure they have good intentions. Some fathers just hang up on any boy who calls, to save the trouble.


Some fathers hug their daughters goodbye, tell them they will be missed. Others shove a $100 bill in their hands at the airport, and race for the car, so as to not show the emotion in his eyes.


Some fathers tell their daughters how proud they are of them, how much they love and adore them, and make sure they know how special they are. Some fathers will only tell their friends, and she will hear about it at his funeral.


Some fathers love their daughters in the only way they were taught, and that’s just the way it is. But there are some fathers who will find all kinds of mysterious, comical ways to reach her, even from Heaven, to ask for her forgiveness, and begin to love her deeper than she ever dreamed.


Thank you Dad, for all your many ways.