You Did Not Let Him Down, You Let Him Go








Have you ever experienced having to let go of someone you still madly, deeply, wholly loved to save yourself?  

This is for you.


You didn’t let him down, you let him go.  

You stopped asking for answers you already know.


He has yet to see what he could not choose

The gift of loving himself over the ease of being loved by you. 


You didn’t reject him, he already had that mastered.  

You stretched to accept him, and grew to learn what matters. 


Love makes you better, Love makes you whole. 

Need makes you bitter, because it lies to your soul.  


Still, you gave everything of yourself for this need to be filled.

Look how powerful you are, taking over thy will.  


But God brought you here, it even felt like home. 

It was yours to protect, but you forgot you weren’t alone. 


You are a survival warrior, there’s nothing you can’t push through

But just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to.


A man needs a purpose, a mission to know his own name

An adventure he invites you into, vulnerable and brave.  


You’ve held, you’ve listened, you’ve encouraged and you’ve cried. 

But the truth loses it’s impact, when repeated too many times


The hardest loss, is always the one with the highest stakes 

But sadly, you can not heal a heart you did not break.


Distance can heal, and so can time. 

But you know it takes more than that to change a life.  


You didn’t cut his wings, you let him fly. 

Divine confirmation will reveal why to you in time.  


You do not love him less, you just surrendered control 

And only now you are freed by the Love that helped you let him go.